These influencers can charge as much as $230,000 for one “branded post”

If you are using social media, chances are you’ve seen “branded content” or “sponsored content” posted by a social media influencer you follow.

Influencers and celebrities with a significant amount of followers can charge a decent fee in exchange for posting a message that promotes a brand. “If a celebrity/influencer fits with a brand, drives engagement and inspires action, their earning potential is limitless,” says Ted Murphy, CEO of tech company Izea.

According to an article recently published by AdweekKendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Cara Delevigne can charge as much as $230,000 per social media post when the message is pushed across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They can ask for this much because of the sheer amount of visibility one post can generate.

Taylor Swift

Total: 198 million

Selena Gomez

Total: 149 million

Kendall Jenner

Total: 67 million

Cara Delevigne

Total: 30 million

*these numbers we’re recorded December 14th 2015 and will grow over time*

Industry estimates say brands spend more than a $1 billion per year on sponsored Instagram posts. Particularly in fashion, “there’s a rapidly developing economy on Instagram,” says Thomas Rankin, co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson.

A Social Media Influencers potential for working with a brand is defined by three critical attributes: relevance, reach, and engagement.

  • Relevance – does the influencer create content that fits with your brand image?
  • Reach – does the influencer have the ability to reach an audience that is relevant to your brand?
  • Engagement – does the influencer have the ability to engage an audience in a meaningful way that inspires action?

(ps: for someone to qualify as an influencer they don’t always need to be able to reach a large audience, reaching small niche audiences is often just as important as reaching larger less specific ones)

Price aside, it is imperative that the brand and influencer/celebrity disclose that it was a paid engagement in order to comply with FTC rules so that consumers are not misled.” said Ted Murphy, CEO of tech company Izea.

A branded post on social media will often be disclosed with a #sponsored hashtag in the caption or a small watermark/disclaimer somewhere within the content itself.

Cover Photo Credits: Selena Gomez Facebook Page

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