Hey, I’m Andrew.

I’m a film producer, digital marketing consultant, media agent, and blogger.

I use digital media as a primary means of helping brands and influencers increase and maintain their presence online.

With 8 years of experience marketing online, I use my knowledge of the online media landscape to craft a content driven strategy for your brand.

In an article about a project I was working on with Beachclub during summer of 2015, Anabelle Nicoud from La Presse described me as...

a 22 year old with the intuition and comprehension of a true digital native. In the blink of an eye, he can recognize the potential of a photo for Instagram or Snapchat.

Projects I'm working on these days

President & Producer @ Independant Studios inc
Marketing Consultant @ Cidre Lacroix
Marketing Consultant @ Hector Larivée
Marketing Consultant @ Copper Branch
Marketing consultant @ Addison Electronique
Marketing consultant @ Smoke Show Hot Sauce

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