How Veuve Clicquot Perfectly Utilized The Power Of Influencers During Le 24hr De Tremblant

Brands are ramping up their efforts with influencers in hopes of reaching new people online. Why influencers? Because of the sheer amount of audience some influencers have accumulated online.

Social Media Influencers are at a more basic form content creators. They create different types of media content for different platforms and share it for their fans/followers/readers to consume. Brands are using the media content that influencers create and share to communicate their marketing message for them. Some brands succeed exceptionally well and some fail miserably.

This past weekend was Tremblant’s 24h charity fundraiser and Veuve Clicquot demonstrated a perfectly executed strategy. They invited 3 social media influencers to join in on the experience, Olivier Primeau, Camille DG, and Marcus Troy.

Over the course of the weekend each influencer documented their experience in their own way with their respective fans. I’m going to breakdown what I think made their campaign a success.

1- An exciting narrative

Social Media is about storytelling. Influencers need a story to tell, or an experience to document, or a narrative that leads the direction of their content and keeps their fans hooked. Tremblant’s 24h event was the perfect opportunity for that.

2- Tons of cool merchandise

Most of the content shared by the influencers didn’t include Veuve Clicquot champagne. It included merchandise that was part of the core experience of Tremblant’s 24h event. Each influencer was given branded skis, a jacket, a vest, a hat, gloves, and glasses. These items allowed the Veuve Clicquot brand to be present in a much larger portion of the content that was shared online.

3- A branded hashtag

They used a branded hashtag for this special event; #Clicquot24h which could be seen on a great portion of posts.

4- Real time engagement from the official brand account

Veuve Clicquot’s official Instagram account was active over the course of the weekend posting photos from different  events that were unfolding in real-time. They we’re also actively engaging with other users who were using their hashtag #Clicquot24h.

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