1 million impressions delivered for Loto-Québec with a viral social media video

A few months ago, Loto-Québec got in touch with Olivier Primeau and I to help them raise awareness of their new loto product called Grande Vie. Grand Vie is is their new loto which offers the chance to win 1000$ a day for life.

They explained to us that they saw Olivier’s presentation about influencer marketing at InfoPresse a few weeks earlier and wanted to find a way to collaborate with him on their upcoming campaign. Their goal was to reach a different audience with their advertising efforts using social media. We decided a viral video would be our medium and Olivier’s Facebook page with 110 000 fans would be the main platform for it’s distribution.

Initially, very honestly, I knew little about the universe of the Primeau brothers, but after a meeting at our offices and discussions on possible scenarios, it became clear that the dynamic of the two brothers with their friend Cédric made it possible to illustrate the spirit of Grande Vie in a playful way. Grande Vie is $ 1,000 a day for life! This kind of money deposited into your account every day definitely changes your daily routine. With humor and good self-derision, the guys were able to capture that emotion and make the customers dream. They were also extremely generous in terms of posting about our collaboration over and over again on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Live” said Patrice Lavoie, director of Public affairs.

Results from Facebook video:

Total Impressions: 1 002 619

Organic Impressions: 646 562

Paid Impressions: 356 057

Total Reach: 527 319

Total Video Views: 234 781

Unique Video Views: 184 440

Total watches at 95%: 57 369

Post Engagement: 4 993

Top Audience: Men 18-34

Top Location: Quebec

Campaign Credits:

Client: Loto-Québec

Agency: AMJ Media

Influencers: Olivier Primeau, Julien Primeau, Seulement99

Producer: Andrew AMJ

Assistant Producer: Caro Villeneuve

Director: Jo Beau

Cameraman: Kevin Millet

Soundman: Hugo Tran & Peter Ryaux-Larsen

Photographer: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

Scenario: Sebastien Ruiz

Equipement: Lozeau Photo Video

Project Manager for Loto-Québec: Melissa Pigeon, in collaboration with Andrea Batista and Marianne Brault

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